Ready for a New, Exciting Career as a Hemp/CBD Accounting Professional?

You are already an accounting professional, trying to build a solid client base...

But did you know you could be in hot demand if you dive into the ever-growing hemp/CBD niche?

If you already know that this niche is right for you and you’re ready to get started, click below.


Does your accounting practice need a reboot?

We invite you to imagine a future where:

  • You shine as an accounting professional because you have carved out a career in the most rapidly growing niche in the financial industry.
  • You are valued for your expertise and are paid accordingly
  • You can be picky about your clients and will help them build better businesses from the ground up. 
  • You are considered high-demand in your field and people flock to you for your skills. 
  • You continually boost your clout in a field enjoying meteoric growth, with the sky as your limit.

If this is how you envisioned your accounting practice, then you should consider becoming a hemp/CBD accounting professional.

To Provide Accounting Services for a Hemp/CBD Company, You Must Acquire Mad Skills:

  • Possess a strong working knowledge of GAAP accrual and cost absorption accounting practices.
  • Comprehend the differences between IRC 471, 263, and 199A tax codes as related to each individual owner and business in the CBD market. 
  • Have the right tools and resources to keep your finger on the pulse of your client's cost of goods sold (COGS), inventory reports, and POS reconciliation to optimize deductions. 
  • Understand how to prepare daily, weekly, monthly, and annual reports to keep your client compliant, legal, and in business. 
  • Prepare your clients for regulations, investors, and audits, so they proceed seamlessly into the future.

With all these skills required in the hemp/CBD accounting already have them at your fingertips, instantly… with our CBD CFO course. After the FIRST DAY, you can be on your way to applying these world-class tools towards establishing and building your own hemp/CBD Accounting Practice!

With the CBD CFO course, you can….

Provide WORLD-CLASS SERVICE to high-fee clients which will help clients come to you -- every month. 

Become a high-demand expert in a field that is growing faster than any other niche in the country. As of 2019, hemp and CBD are now legal in 46 states under federal law as long as farmers and hemp/CBD business owners continue to comply with state laws. 

In 2019, farmers were licensed for 500,000 acres, which was a 455% increase from 2018. Sixteen thousand new licenses were issued in 2019. Do the math and that’s 16,000 new businesses that NEED EXCEPTIONALLY TRAINED HEMP/CBD ACCOUNTANTS. 

You read that correctly: 16,000 new businesses and many staffed with inexperienced CBD accountants and employees who do not understand MAJOR accounting issues in the hemp/CBD industry, such as complicated tax codes, GAAP compliance, Seed to Sale reconciliation, software integration, and numerous regulation laws.

You, the trained CBD accounting specialist, will be their bridge to compliance, their life-line to success… their guide to understanding taxes, deductions, and reports processed correctly THE FIRST TIME to avoid the massive headaches of auditing and tax penalties. 

Unless someone they can trust has been provided with the proper training to execute the complex inner workings of accrual cost accounting, accurate inventory reporting, and delicate tax code navigation… these businesses are at risk of accumulating huge fines and penalties, as well as overpaying taxes.. 

They might even get shut down. 

But, thankfully, with you available -- just a phone call or email away -- these flourishing businesses can now thrive thanks to your expertise and thorough understanding of the ins and outs of hemp/CBD accounting. 

Our CBD CFO program provides the exact 360-degree system you need to:

  • Attract new hemp/CBD clients and onboard them smoothly
  • Implement accounting procedures required by the IRS
  • Properly report your client’s inventory, implement cash controls, track sales, and implement internal procedures with a comprehensive pack of “value-added” documents 
  • Become a highly-recommended expert in your field   
  • …..and more!


Are you ready to jumpstart your accounting practice? Then get ready to say...

YES to working in the hemp/CBD industry.
✔ YES to becoming an expert in a rapidly-growing niche that needs your drive, enthusiasm, and accounting IQ to provide the WORLD-CLASS SERVICE DOPE CFO is known for inspiring.
✔ YES to joining a supportive community full of like-minded professionals who support and fuel your success with knowledge, tips, and resources to help you get ahead in this exciting, high-demand industry.


Then, you’re ready to take the first step in becoming a HEMP/CBD ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONAL.



If You Commit to CBD CFO and Focus on This Single Hemp/CBD Niche, You'll Get the Clients Worthy of Your Time and Attention.

We all want the best clients. The ONLY way to get those clients is to hone in on a really strong niche and become an expert in that niche. Why not choose hemp/CBD -- the fastest growing niche in the country?

By focusing on a single, powerful niche, you can learn EVERYTHING about that niche: accounting procedures, tax codes, legal operations, software solutions, industry practices, the right marketing messages when recruiting clients, and more!

For a niche to be great, we say that it has to fit the RUBBER profile:

  • Rapid growth
  • Underserved clients in the niche market, where there is IMMENSE NEED
  • Big opportunity (this industry is expected to grow to $30 billion in the next 3-5 years!!)
  • Big revenues per the average client (mom-and-pop farms and dispensaries are often 7 figure enterprises)
  • Easy to find -- CBD CEOs are everywhere, reachable, and trying to find you
  • Really fun and exciting career path where you will LOVE what you do!

CBD CFO helps you learn how to find those high fee prospects. With our WORLD-CLASS systems and tools we provide, you can implement these practices as early as DAY 1 of the course. Many have landed their first high-paying client within 90 DAYS.

Hemp/CBD business owners have complex accounting needs; therefore, they need a lot of specialized support. And with revenues for CBD companies skyrocketing, it only makes sense that they pay more for accounting services.

Here’s What CEOs Want Most...

Yeah, we know CEOs say they want you LOCAL and want your time, but this does not give a CEO the key solutions to ease their pain. 

What they really want is:

  • High-octane service from the highest quality hemp/CBD accounting specialists to help them make legal tax deductions, understand complex tax codes, and compliance issues
  • Full access to their data, reports, and financials so that it is easy to prepare for lenders, investors, and auditors at ANY time
  • More cash in their pockets
  • Lower tax liability
  • Peace of mind
  • Cash forecasting 
  • Implementation of strong internal controls 

And the great news is YOU can be the one to give them everything that they need to protect their investments and keep them compliant.. Everything you could possibly need to:

  • Educate CEOs about more potential tax deductions for CBD companies
  • Provide complex GAAP, cost accounting, and proper record keeping practices to provide significant ADDED VALUE to your CEOs
  • Processes to ensure their books and files are up to date any time and all the time.

Are you on board?

Great! You're ready to dive into becoming a Hemp/CBD ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONAL.


The CBD CFO accounting program is perfect for intermediate/advanced accounting professionals (bookkeepers, tax professionals, Controllers, CFOs, CPAs, etc.) who want to build a hemp and/or CBD accounting practice or who want to add hemp/CBD to their existing business.

We designed this program to give you a full, comprehensive toolkit to get your hemp/CBD business up and running quickly. We like to think of it as a “niche-in-a-box.” This plug-and-play program includes:

Our Proven Process for Getting You in the DOPE Zone

We provide you with all the tools, resources, workpapers, and non-salesy marketing system to get you in the DOPE Zone. 

And by DOPE Zone, we mean becoming a lifestyle accountant where you are paid for what you're worth. You can work remotely and make a difference while having the freedom and flexibility to set your own hours. Furthermore, you get to CHOOSE clients who value you for your expertise in the industry; not just settle for clients who think they understand your field and are willing to grossly under-pay you.

Become a V.I.P. Rock Star in the Hemp/CBD Accounting Market 

The other essential part of becoming a hemp/CBD accountant extraordinaire is achieving VIP (Valuable Expert, Instructor, and Participant) status. With our VIP part of the program, we teach you how to grow your practice and knowledge base at an accelerated rate. When you apply the gas pedal to the learning process, you quickly add a razor sharp competitive edge to your understanding of not only accounting and taxes, but products, operations, software, and compliance. This means you will provide your clients with HUGE value-added services -- which means you get to charge HIGHER FEES. 


We have created a PROVEN SYSTEM because we know the GREAT CHALLENGES CBD CEOs face…

We have spent years getting to know clients, the landscape of hemp and CBD, and the issues clients face across verticals.

We know tax and compliance issues are even more complex for hemp/CBD products than for Cannabis. 

We know how overwhelmed CEOs feel when they face end-of-year reports or know an audit is pending. 

The messaging we include in our marketing system and templates is specifically crafted to meet the pain points of your target clients. Without even having to understand or develop marketing yourself, you can put our templates to work for you to garner the clients you deserve. 

With our Value Stack of every single document, process, workpaper, etc. we and our students use every day, you will have the power to absolutely wow your clients with your expertise. You don’t even need an accounting degree to take the hemp or CBD accounting industry by storm. 

These templates, workpapers, and documents have been carefully curated and developed by licensed CPAs with more than 20 years of experience. Most documents have been reviewed closely by attorneys and have been used to help hemp/CBD businesses of all sizes and types stay compliant with the IRS and federal and state laws. 

What's Inside the CBD CFO Value Stack...

We offer absolutely every single process, document, workpaper, template, video hemp/CBD tax code, and other applicable resource you could posiibly

Proven 4-Part Marketing (Non-Salesy) System

We hold your hand through every part of this comprehensive marketing system that leads you from sending emails and no-pitch call scripts to landing your first client. The materials in this program have been developed specifically for people who don’t like sales and marketing, removing all the guesswork and “marketing skill” required from this crucial part of building a hemp/CBD accounting business. Better yet, you don’t have to heft out a fortune for marketing alone. 

Exclusive VIP System to Accelerate Your Professional Career

VIP stands for:

  • Valuable Expert -- become an high-demand professional in all aspects of the hemp/CBD industry
  • Instruct -- clients, events, podcasts, webinars, and articles
  • Participate -- get fully involved in the CBD community and market

The very core of our CBD CFO program, becoming a VIP means you have achieved the skills and means to become an invaluable expert, instructor, and participant in the industry. We teach you our exact 90-day plan to become a VIP just like many others in our program.

World Class Client Service Tools and Workpapers

The true heart of our course and the wellspring of value for you and your clients lies in these files.

✔ Proprietary Onboarding & Month-End Close Systems

Onboarding documents are essential to recruit new clients smoothly. These files include an engagement letter template, action plan template, a file management system to stay organized, client documents request list, and a detailed process to get your new client on board and paying you a retainer without a hiccup. 

Other templates include building a summary of Accounting Policies and Internal Controls for compliant month-end reports and processes that give each client their own “perpetual data room.”

✔ Vertical-Specific Chart of Accounts and All Cost Accounting Workpapers

All essential workpapers have been curated, modified, and updated by a multitude of highly-respected CPAs over the past few years. We have amassed them here for your convenience as workpaper templates and processes to enable solid cost accounting to keep CEO clients compliant.

✔ Perpetual Data Room

All clients will have a “perpetual data room” (based on our exact setup structure) that holds files that add structure and transparency to prepare any CEO for audits, lenders, investors, and management meetings.

✔ Cash Rolling Forecast and Cash Control Workpapers

With the cash rolling forecast and control workpapers, you can really show your client the money easily and accurately. Leverage these workpapers to build monthly reports that help your clients navigate short and long term cash flow objectives for a close assessment of cash control, profit and loss, and balance sheet changes. 

✔ Cultivation WIP and Yield Workpapers

Every hemp/CBD business needs these must-have documents to accumulate data in field and track strains, along with yield, cycles, percent complete, and other critical cost accounting data.

✔ CBD Knowledge, Links, Cases, and Tax Summaries

To be an exceptional hemp or CBD accounting professional, you have to know the industry -- from the inside out. We have included information on key tax codes like 263a and 199a, Farm Accounting rules, and USDA and FDA regulations. Your clients will need you to fully understand everything in these codes to meet IRS and other agency requirements for minimized taxes, proper deductions, and optimized tax credits.

✔ Internal Controls and Corporate Governance Workpapers

No CBD accounting “niche-in-a-box” program would be complete without templates for building a summary of Accounting Policies and Internal Controls for every unique client. 

✔ And More Than 500 Other Files, Workpapers, and Documents!!


Plus, as a BONUS, we are throwing in the following value adds:

⇒ BONUS ONE: Receive a 30-day FREE membership to our EXCLUSIVE VIP Accounting for Cannabis/hemp/CBD MEMBERSHIP, which includes our Premier Private community of like-minded CPAs, CFOs, bookkeepers, EAs, and MBAs. In this wonderfully supportive community, you can freely network with peers also taking the program, get your questions answered, share and learn new tips, and leverage other experts so that you can provide comprehensive accounting services to your clients.. 

As a bonus to this bonus, you will also qualify to receive referrals that are looking for trained accounting professionals.

⇒ BONUS TWO: We will give you 30 days of free access to our bi-weekly Q&A calls. These 60-minute sessions are led by DOPE CFO and are jam-packed where real-world topics and accounting scenarios are discussed. Plus, we happily answer all your burning questions!

Is the Hemp/CBD Accounting Program right for you?

You'll know this program is perfect for you if you...

  • Want to grow a new hemp/CBD accounting practice amid an exciting, spectacularly growing industry without knowledge or access to marketing campaigns 
  • Love your accounting job but are SICK of long hours, low pay, and CEOs arguing with your practices every inch of the way. 
  • Don’t have a CPA designation, but want to launch your career in a new direction and ignite a spark in your drive to be an accountant. 
  • Dream of working remotely and paperless with clients who appreciate you and pay you the fees you deserve. 
  • Feel exhausted by long hours and thankless work while you sacrifice precious “you” and family time just to make ends meet. 
  • Seize opportunities when you find them and are committed to the process as you stake your claim in this thrilling ‘green rush’

This program is NOT for you if…

  • You are not interested in learning about or working in the hemp/CBD field.
  • Expect us to do all the work for you.
  • Don’t want to build your clientele.
  • Believe you know everything and are not open-minded to learning new methods and burning the candle at both ends to study the ins and outs of this complicated industry.
  • Prefer taking short-cuts and are not committed to challenging yourself towards excellence every day on the job. 
  • Show no interest in learning the complicated processes, solutions, and regulations involved with this ever-changing industry.
  • Feel completely happy with working for someone who places an arbitrary value on your skills and knowledge
  • Want to get rich quick without even trying.


So, If You Know You Are the Right Person for This Program, Claim Your Niche-In-a-Box System Today…

And say hello to the wonderful world of hemp/CBD Accounting...

Your Course Will Include:


Intermediate/Advanced (For experienced bookkeepers and/or accountants/CPAs)


Hybrid (Online/Virtual) + 30 Days of LIVE Community Interaction, Lessons, and Q&A


While you can use these materials forever and continue to reference them, the entire system is designed so you can jump in feet first on day one and land your first high-paying client by 90 days. 


How It Works...

Complete all the steps within the program to land your first client

Onboard your client with our plug-and-play sales and marketing system

Deliver unparalleled service that will wow your client with our proven, step-by-step system

Who Should Join...

CFOs and Their Bookeepers

CPAs and Accountants

Enrolled Agents


Tax Preparers

Why You Should Join...

Because you’re stoked to provide inimitable, high-demand services to a client base that desperately needs you in an industry that is experiencing meteoric growth. 

Because this training is the number one fast-track to the education and support that you need that would otherwise take years and tens of thousands of dollars to achieve. 

Because one client -- just one client -- can fully repay the cost of this course with just 1-4 months’ payments.. 

Most importantly, this program is your ticket to becoming a top-notch service provider and the expert your clients will find irreplaceable….


Because our program makes it super simple to show the value-added aspects of your services to CEOs and hemp/CBD business owners. 

You’ll offer them insights that will save them money, claim more deductions, access more tax credits, and help them make the best decisions for their company for the future.

Plus, you’ll command the highest fees because you know you provide exemplary work in your field. 

If you want to become a TOP-TIER EXPERT in CBD accounting and provide service that will get you the most loyal, highest-paying clients in the market…

this program is for you.



A little bit about your instructors...

Andrew Hunzicker, CPA

Oregon's runner-up to “CFO of the Year" award & first time a Cannabis CFO was nominated.

Naomi Granger, CPA, MBA

A former "Big 4" Accounting Professional Executive and Cannabis accounting expert.


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