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Experienced bookkeepers, accountants, and  tax professionals, are needed in a big way to service the cannabis niche. If you're ready to get started, click below.


Before we dive into the details of the program

we’d like for you to take a moment to imagine...



Take yourself out of your current situation as an accounting professional, and imagine a scenario where you aren’t being told what you are worth as a professional (by your boss, employer, clients, colleagues, etc).

Where you aren’t being undercut because “someone else can do it cheaper.”

Where you’re able to choose your clients and who you work with, versus taking what you can get.

Where you’re working with clients and projects that are challenging, yet exciting because you are able to attribute how your work creates value in their business.

Where you’re known as THE EXPERT  in one of the fastest growing industries in the country.

The choice is yours, and that choice looks like becoming a DOPE CANNABIS ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONAL.

The Proper Accounting Team for a Cannabis Company Must:



  • Understand the various entity types within the industry, and their specific needs (grow/farms, extract/edible, dispensary, and entities with multiple cannabis business types).
  • Understand how to properly do GAAP accrual and cost absorption accounting.
  • Have the right tools to do proper bookkeeping and reporting for both IRS and State compliance. AND, to help CEOs and investors have insight on the financial health of their company.
  • Understand how to prepare the proper monthly reports so that their clients are always AUDIT, LENDER, AND INVESTOR READY.
  • Understand cannabis tax issues including 280e, 471, and applicable court cases.

What if we told you that if you wanted to launch your own cannabis accounting or bookkeeping firm TODAY,
you can?

AND you will confidently be able to provide WORLD-CLASS SERVICE, and WOW your CEO clients every month!

You see, the reality is that of the 9,000+ legally licensed cannabis businesses, the majority of them have inexperienced and untrained bookkeepers that simply aren’t able to do the complex cost and accrual accounting required.

They don’t understand how to navigate 280e and 471 tax rules, which is dangerous for such an audit prone industry. Leaving these businesses open to huge fines and penalties, and most important, leaving LOTS OF money on the table for these companies.



A simple email or a phone call from a professional like you, that has the resources and can create the results that come from a program like ours, is what this industry needs. We are providing the EXACT SYSTEM that we, and others that have successfully completed our training, have used to:

  • Get new cannabis clients & onboard them successfully
  • Provide monthly accounting required by State/IRS
  • Provide monthly “value-add” documents to all your clients

…and so much more.



So if you’re ready and you’ve decided...




✔  YES to working in the cannabis industry.

✔  YES to becoming a specialist in a niche that desperately needs your passion, expertise, and commitment to WORLD-CLASS SERVICE.

✔  YES to working with other like-minded professionals so that you can learn, share knowledge, wins, and stay on top of this fast-paced, highly regulated industry.



Then, you’re ready to take the first step in becoming a DOPE ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONAL.








Our DIY Accounting for Cannabis Training Program is for seasoned accounting professionals (bookkeepers, tax professionals, Controllers, CFOs, CPAs, etc) who are looking to build a cannabis accounting practice, or to add the expertise and services to their existing business.

The goal of the program is to give you the tools that you need in order to get up and running quickly, which includes:

Our easy 1-2-3 Cannabis CEO Outreach System



We provide our proven system for how we prospect QUALIFIED cannabis CEOs, and land clients that pay us $1000+/month for our services.  We bill on value and never cost perhour.

Our Proven Process for Closing New Business



Even if you hate sales, and marketing isn’t your skill set, don’t worry. If you follow our system which includes emails, sales scripts, and offer letter templates, you will have what you need in order to help you land YOUR FIRST, cannabis client.

We understand the pain of cannabis CEOs...

So our messaging is specifically crafted in such a way that you attract the clients that will benefit most from your help and support.




In terms of providing support to your clients, we give you every tool that you will need in order to provide WORLD-CLASS SERVICE to their business, and WOW them with your expertise, even if you do not have an accounting degree.

Our program has templates that were developed by licensed CPAs with over 20 years of experience. Many of these documents have been reviewed by cannabis attorneys, and have been used to provide services to complex businesses (and of course cannabis companies) of all shapes and sizes.



Most important, they are specifically tailored to the various cannabis entity types. These documents and templates include:





SPECIFIC to grows/farms, dispensaries, and complex entities.   

Note: Quickbooks and other common systems DO NOT have cannabis chart of accounts.  




Highly detailed template file with reconciliations and tie outs of every balance sheet and P&L account, which are tied from source documents to:

  • Accounting records
  • Trial balance and reconciliations
  • Final consolidated financials

These month end files help ensure your client is consistently “AUDIT READY,” with a “perpetual data room” available for auditors, lenders, investors, acquirers, partners, and tax preparers.




Our chart of accounts are tailored to the needs of various cannabis entities including chemical/extract, grow, and dispensary so that you can easily do correct cost accounting each month.

We provide detailed instructions, examples, videos, templates and actual workpapers, to acquire the operating data needed each month  in order to perform correct cost accounting.




These are the end of the year allocation workpapers that you use to make your transition from GAAP to Tax Accounts, including allocations between cannabis and non-cannabis divisions and ties directly to tax return cost of goods sold schedules (COGS).

While you are providing TONS of value making sure your client’s accounting practices are following IRS and state license rules, the value that you are providing to the CEO is EXTREMELY important.



On top of all this, we provide  client “value-add” documents that give your client so much more and really separates DOPE ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONALS from the pack.

With these documents, you will be empowering CEOs with critical information that will help them better understand how to make educated decisions about their business.  You will be able to show them how your are saving them money… so much so, that your fees can be absorbed in the money that they are saving.

These documents (and instruction) include:

  • Consolidated financials
  • Rolling cash forecast
  • CEO specific dashboards and scorecards

...and so much more.

So, who should sign up for the DIY Accounting for Cannabis Training Program?



This program is for...

  • People who want to GROW their accounting practice without having to spend a fortune on fancy marketing campaigns
  • Accounting professionals who are PASSIONATE about what they do, but hate the long hours, low pay, and the fact that CEOs don’t understand their value
  • Bookkeepers and accountants that are sick of negotiating higher rates with clients that don’t want to pay
  • Professionals who are ready to WORK REMOTE and PAPERLESS with their clients
  • Those that are sick of long hours and having to sacrifice time with family in order to do what they love
  • People who are ready and willing to do the work, and make the effort to dive feet first in this industry, knowing how important their role is in helping cannabis CEOs



This program is NOT FOR...

  • People who are not interested in working with businesses in the cannabis space
  • Accounting professionals that want us to do the work for them
  • Professionals not looking to build their clientele
  • Accountants who know everything, and aren’t willing to collaborate and learn new methods and standards of operating
  • People who want to take shortcuts and are not committed to providing WORLD CLASS SERVICE. The program is an end-to-end solution that gives CEOs the insights that are REQUIRED and that they NEED in order to properly run their business
  • People who are just looking for another job opportunity and are fine being told what they are worth by an employer
  • People who are looking to get rich quick.




You have to understand one thing about cannabis CEOs.

The stakes are incredibly high. There are a number of financial challenges that cannabis CEO must overcome in order to be successful.

With state and federal compliance rules making such a booming industry produce razor thin profits,
DOPE ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONALS are the missing piece that will allow CEOs and investors to protect their licensure and their investments.

The program consists of the following modules, made up of over 125 workpapers, templates, videos, and instructions:



These SOPs provide templates and the EXACT steps that you need to take in order to land your first client. Our materials are tailored specifically to accountants who hate sales and marketing. From emails, to no-pitch call scripts, to offer letters, you will have everything you need in order to consistently bring in new business month over month without having a huge marketing budget.



We provide files that will allow you to onboard your new client including an engagement letter template, an action plan template, a file management system so that you can stay organized, a client documents request list, and a detailed process to help get your client up and running as quickly as possible.



Most cannabis businesses are cash based, which can be problematic. We provide the tools that are necessary in order to help them find a cannabis-friendly banking option if one exists in their state, and/or advise them as to how to best manage cash most efficiently and in compliance with State and Federal tax rules.



We provide cannabis tax prep workpapers, and thorough documentation on how to navigate 280e, and various other tax rules. We have provided the latest cannabis tax research and court cases, as well as exact information on 280e/471 and cost accounting required by IRS to minimize taxes.



These files have been created over many years and are the “meat” of the course.  They include all of our templates for building a summary of Accounting Policies and Internal Controls for each of your clients, and complete month end templates and processes to enable clients to have a “perpetual data room”.



These workpapers have been created, modified, updated with input from many cannabis tax CPAs over the last few years and create a set of workpaper templates and processes to enable you to do correct GAAP/tax cost accounting each month (which is required to minimize tax for your CEO client).



Quickbooks and Excel ready templates that are ready to be used for specific cannabis entity types.  These were also developed over 3 years with input from many CPAs as these chart of accounts don’t exist in QB or elsewhere and are needed to do correct cannabis cost accounting.

As a BONUS, we’ve included the following value adds:



A complete library of documents that add value to your business and your client, including cannabis accounting information, many workpaper templates, internal controls and additional information (VALUE: $4999)

Additional marketing and messaging scripts and templates that you can use as you build your firm (VALUE: $2999)

30 days of access into our VIP Accounting for Cannabis Network, where you will have access to Andrew and Naomi, and our premier network of cannabis accounting professionals that have been through the program and are currently servicing clients. You can ask questions, get help on any issues that you may have, network with your peers, and participate in LIVE Q&As. We also provide industry insights, and updated materials as rules change and as new information is released. It’s the one TRUE way to stay connected and up to date on the accounting rules for cannabis companies. (VALUE: $1994)

The total value of our program is $27,485

Your total today is $7,797

Our Freshness Guarantee



We will do everything in our power in order to make sure that you have the latest and greatest information and updated templates and workpapers so that you can continue to properly service your clients.



Our Certification Program

Once you’ve completed the DIY CANNABIS ACCOUNTING TRAINING PROGRAM, and have taken on your first client of $1000/month, you may qualify to become a CERTIFIED DOPE ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONAL, giving you a listing on our directory (COMING SOON!), and referrals from us for new business opportunities.

PRO-TIP: Leverage our CERTIFIED DOPE ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONALS within our VIP ACCOUNTING GROUP to create partnerships and build your team, so that you have everything that you need to fully service your client’s accounting needs. (Ex. If you are an accountant that needs a bookkeeper and a tax preparer to help service your clients, tap into the group of certified professionals in order to fill those roles for your “accounting practice.”)




So now you need to ask yourself…

Do you want to go into another tax season with the same story, long hours, more stress, and impatient clients… all while making the same or less money (unless of course you find more clients)?

Or do you want to get in on an industry that is in desperate need of your help and expertise?



 If you enroll today, you will receive instant access to:

  • Our 4 accounting and sales modules that will get you up to speed with what you need in order to get up and running with your cannabis accounting practice, and you can start connecting with CEOs on Day 1.
  • Over 125 videos, templates, workpapers, and instructions that will help you navigate the specific accounting needs of cannabis businesses.
  • Our no-pitch sales script that you will use when you talk to cannabis clients. You will be educating them, and making sure that they have everything they need versus selling, which ultimately feels better for both parties.
  • Our WORLD CLASS SERVICE process, powered by our month-end processes, cost accounting, and client value add documents that will help CEOs confidently navigate and make decisions based on accurate and up to date financials within their company.


  • 120 days of access to our VIP ACCOUNTING FOR CANNABIS NETWORK, powered by Naomi and Andrew (your program facilitators), and others who have completed the program and are successfully working with cannabis companies.

    This group offers peer support you so that you can offer a FULL SUITE OF ACCOUNTING SERVICES to your cannabis clients (and outsource to the group parts you do not want).
  • Cannabis accounting court case summaries and tax information that you can reference.
  • Consistent updates on new tax rules, new places to find cannabis CEOS, new states where cannabis is legal, and information as it becomes available surrounding the industry.
  • Potential qualification to become a CERTIFIED DOPE ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONAL, where we will send referrals from cannabis clients your way!

Now here’s a bonus that we didn’t mention earlier…

While we specifically designed this program for service to cannabis businesses, our methodologies and materials can greatly uplevel the level of support that you are currently providing to your clients! ESPECIALLY if you work with complex business entities.



Course Details

TODAY - $4,997
Level: Intermediate/Advanced (For experienced bookkeepers and/or accountants/CPAs)
Setting: Hybrid (Online/Virtual + 120 Days of LIVE Community Interaction, Lessons, and Q&A
Course Length:
You can use these materials forever, but it’s designed so you can jump in on day 1 and land your first high paying client in 30 days.

How it Works...



Complete the steps within the program to land your first client



Onboard your first client with our sales system



Deliver WORLD-CLASS SERVICE to your client using the system we've outlined in the program

Who should join our program...

CFO's and Their Bookeepers




CPAs and Accountants








Tax Preparers




Why you should join...



Because you’re excited and see the HUGE potential in becoming a CANNABIS ACCOUNTING EXPERT.

Because this training is a fast-tracked education and support system that could take YEARS and TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in training to obtain otherwise.

Most important, it will make you a better service provider to your clients in general…


Because our program makes it easy for you to communicate the value of your work to CEOs and Owners.

You’ll be providing them insights that can save your clients money, and help them make better decisions.

And, you’ll be able to command more money for the great work that you do (and feel great about it).

So if you want to become an expert in cannabis accounting, and provide WORLD CLASS SERVICE to your clients, and make more money while doing so… this program is for you.





About Your Instructors

Andrew Hunzicker, CPA



Runner-up “CFO of the Year Award”, Oregon. First CFO ever nominated in cannabis industry.

Naomi Granger, CPA, MBA



Former "Big 4" Accounting Professional, and cannabis accounting expert. 


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