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Don't leave your success to chance. Cannabis investors and CEO's need an accounting team that they can trust. Your profitability and licensing depends on it.

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The most audit-prone industry requires experience and expertise

here is how we can help...

Identify the Proper Accounting Team for a Cannabis Company

  • Understand the various entity types within the industry, and their specific needs (grow/farms, extract/edible, dispensary, and entities with multiple cannabis business types).
  • Understand how to properly do GAAP accrual and cost absorption accounting.
  • Have the right tools to do proper bookkeeping and reporting for both IRS and State compliance, and to help CEOs and investors have insight on the financial health of their company.
  • Understand how to prepare the proper monthly reports so that their clients are always AUDIT, LENDER, AND INVESTOR READY.
  • Understand cannabis tax issues including 280E, 471, and applicable court cases.

Assistance whether you're just getting started or have been in business for a few years


✔  COMPLIANCE is key in this industry and will keep you in business. We know the rules and will help you put systems in place to keep you in business.

✔  COMPLEX is an understatement in this industry. From your entity structure to navigating 280E and the various tax rules. Our job is to simplify and provide helpful insights so that you can manage the profitability of your business.

✔  REQUIRED reporting to Federal and State agencies can make it hard to get licensing or even confusing once you're in business. Don't worry, we can help you navigate through it all and keep your business moving forward.

Industry-Tested Financial Tools to Help You Get in Compliance

On top of all this, we provide  client “value-add” reporting that gives your business so much more and really separates DOPE ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONALS from the pack.

With these documents, you will be empowered with critical information that will help you better understand how to make educated decisions about your business.  We will be able to show you how we are saving you money… so much so, that our fees can be absorbed in the money that you are saving.

These documents (and instruction) include:

  • Consolidated financials
  • Rolling cash forecast
  • CEO specific dashboards and scorecards
  • Audit ready records and files

...and so much more.



Andrew Hunzicker, CPA

Runner-up “CFO of the Year Award”, Oregon. First CFO ever nominated in cannabis industry.

Naomi Granger, CPA, MBA

Former "Big 4" Accounting Professional, and cannabis accounting expert. 

Our Freshness Guarantee

We are immersed in the cannabis industry, and have dedicated all of our focus and efforts to serving this niche. We are always paying attention to the latest court cases and accounting guidance to ensure that our clients are not only compliant, but can take advantage of as many tax savings as possible without risk of losing their businesses.

We understand how crucial our role is in cannabis businesses.

The stakes are incredibly high, and there are a number of financial challenges that cannabis CEO's and investors must overcome in order to be successful.

With state and federal compliance rules making such a booming industry produce razor thin profits,
DOPE ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONALS are the missing piece that will allow CEOs and investors to protect their licensure and their investments.


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