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Learn the ins and outs of serving businesses in the fastest growing segment in America


The Cannabis Industry is Booming!

Cannabis revenue is growing faster than soda pop, and there's a need for accounting professionals to help manage it.

# of States Where Cannabis is Legal

# of Legal Cannabis Licenses

$70 Billion of Economic Impact by 2021

The Struggle...

Legally licensed cannabis companies are being shut down and/or are facing large penalties and fines after having invested hundreds of thousands of dollars, due to poor accounting practices.

Cannabis companies require complex, accurate accounting in order to remain compliant and audit ready.

With your expertise, and our training, we can help cannabusinesses thrive.




DOPE CFO Training Overview

There are a number of financial challenges that cannabis CEOs must overcome in order to be successful. With state and federal compliance rules making such a booming industry produce razor thin profits, DOPE ACCOUNTING PROFESSIONALS are the missing piece that will allow CEOs and investors to protect their licensure and their investments. In our program, accounting professionals will...

Learn How to Obtain Cannabis Clients

If you hate sales, and marketing isn’t your strong suit, our system includes emails, sales scripts, and offer letter templates you can use to help you LAND YOUR FIRST cannabis accounting client.

Provide World-Class Service to Cannabis Clients

In terms of providing support to your clients, we give you every tool that you will need in order to provide WORLD CLASS SERVICE to their business and WOW them with your expertise, even if you do not have an accounting degree.

Keep Clients Audit Ready and Compliant

State and IRS rules require complex cost accounting and adherence to 280e tax rules. Our training provides the EXACT STEPS AND DOCUMENTATION that you will need to provide in order to keep your clients compliant.

Our Specialized Cannabis Accounting Training Will...

  • Provide you with the exact Quickbooks/Excel Chart of Accounts that are specific to the needs of  complex cannabis businesses

  • Tools and templates to allow you to readily perform cost/absorption accounting for your cannabis clients.

  • Give you the tools to provide COMPREHENSIVE month-end reports to your clients, investors, board members, etc so that they can make educated decisions about their business.
  • Provide you with the knowledge to become one of a FEW experts in this underserved, rapidly growing industry.

  •  Give you everything you need so that you can CONFIDENTLY provide world class accounting services to cannabis companies.

Program Materials

Culmination of 15 years of actual client work, industry knowledge, discussions/review with cannabis tax attorneys include:

Cannabis Specific Chart of Accounts

QBB and Excel ready chart of accounts specifically tailored to the needs of various cannabis business entities (ie. grow/farms, chemical/extract, dispensary/retail, and entities with multiple business types)

Detailed Month-End Close Workpapers

Create a perpetual data room with our highly detailed template file that reconciles and ties out every balance sheet account and significant P&L account.

Cannabis Tailored Cost Accounting Work Papers

 We provide detailed instructions, templates, examples, and videos that will help do cost accounting correctly, even without accounting experience.

Tax Return Cost Allocation Work Papers

Easily transition from GAAP to tax accounts, including allocations between cannabis and non-cannabis divisions, which ties directly to tax return COGS.

Client Value-Add Documents

Empower your clients with critical dashboards and reports that will allow them to make better decisions and manage the financial health of their company.


Andrew Hunzicker, CPA

Runner-up “CFO of the Year Award”, Oregon. First CFO ever nominated in cannabis industry.

Naomi Granger, CPA, MBA

Former "Big 4" Accounting Professional, and cannabis accounting expert.

Join our community of accounting professionals and stay up to date on the latest news in cannabis accounting.


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