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Cannabis 2023 Review and 2024 Outlook: Growth and Regulatory Shifts

Over the past decade since Colorado first legalized recreational Cannabis in 2012, the Cannabis industry has grown massively despite conflicting state and federal laws. The legal market hit $33 billion in 2023, while polls show 70% of Americans now support full federal legalization.

While various sectors of the US economy have been turbulent over the last couple of years, the industry still experienced some growth in 2022-2023. Industry analysts and advocates remain optimistic about the...

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APICPA & CIMA Cannabis Industry Conference Letter of Recommendation

Uncategorized Oct 28, 2023

This is a copy of the original letter of recommendation written by the AICPA & CIMA Cannabis Industry Conference Producer. DOPE CFO has been a proud contributor to the annual conference since the very first one, and hopes to continue into the future. Her contact information and name have been removed as a privacy measure.


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to enthusiastically recommend Andrew Hunzicker based on his outstanding contributions to the AICPA & CIMA Cannabis...

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How to Transition from Your Corporate Job to Owning Your Own CFO Firm

Becoming a Successful Cannabis CFO in Just 6 Months

You’re dreading the start of the week: the soul-crushing commute to the office, the long working hours that resemble more like a 5-9 than a 9-5, and the monotonous day to day grinding, crunching numbers for the same thankless clients — does this daily routine resonate a little too much with you? Have you ever envisioned breaking free from the rigid corporate cycle and embarking on a more prosperous, fulfilling path but...

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How To Manage Common Software Issues in Cannabis Accounting

The key to success at dealing with common software issues that occur in Cannabis accounting is keeping a cool head and positive attitude. It’s easy to get overwhelmed tackling the many challenges that pop up. Furthermore, the CEOs and managers of the businesses you support can (and will) call or email you while they’re upset about the latest hurdle they need to scale. They’ll expect you to have the magic formula that gets all of their systems working. The best thing you can...

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The Ins & Outs of Cannabis Inventory Accounting, Processes, & Controls

Whether you’re a Cannabis CBD/Hemp CEO or an accounting professional supporting licensed businesses in this space, knowing what is required with regards to compliantly managing inventory, as well as understanding the necessary processes and controls is valuable knowledge that can serve you well.    

It’s complicated for licensees who need to comply with how their particular state tells them inventory must be reported yet need some relief from the punishing...

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Cannabis Company Valuations: What Accountants Need to Know

Valuations play a key role in an array of Cannabis industry business concerns. Nevertheless, there’s a lack of good information for accounting professionals supporting the licensed Cannabis space. When you understand what valuation is—and the different kinds of valuation—you can help clients make choices that align with their needs. 

What is Business Valuation?

In a nutshell, business valuation is the process and procedures of determining the value of an owner’s...

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How to Price Cannabis Accounting Services for Pre-Revenue Businesses

Don’t know how much you should charge for providing Cannabis accounting services to pre-revenue businesses? You’re not alone! In this blog post, we uncover two main ways to consider setting your price. The first is by accurately framing the value you provide and asking a number of smart questions. The second is by reviewing a number of areas within the company’s pitch deck. Investing some time and energy into this process in the ways we suggest below will enable you to price...

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How to Build a Successful Cannabis/CBD Accounting, Tax, and CFO Firm in Six Months

Building a successful Cannabis/CBD Hemp accounting, tax, and Chief Financial Officer firm within six months is highly possible. Many DOPE CFO members have done it themselves, some in just a matter of weeks or months. It will however require work, commitment, putting in the time, and going through all of the necessary steps we will talk about in this blog post. If you’re wondering whether you can build your own firm while you keep your day job, the answer is yes. 

One major thing to...

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Cannabis Investor Guide 2023: Navigating Personal Tax & Liabilities

Whether launching a startup, collaborating with established industry players, or stepping into the shoes of an investor, knowledge is imperative when it comes to making sound investments; the Cannabis/CBD/Hemp industry is no exception. The potential profits in this booming market are undeniable yet the pitfalls of balancing accurate accounting, navigating intricate tax codes, and comprehending personal liabilities can quickly turn an investment dream into a financial nightmare. The mistakes...

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Taxation, 280E, and the Challenges of Accounting for Cannabis Dispensaries

280e 471 cannabis dispensaries Dec 19, 2022

From cash control and management issues to correct reporting, to seed to sale and POS software, providing quality accounting for Cannabis dispensaries is not easy. Furthermore, make the wrong move and you could incur large penalty fees for your client, land them in serious legal trouble, or both. 

Currently, there are hundreds if not thousands of accounting professionals claiming to have Cannabis accounting experience but they’re making big mistakes. Misinterpreting the tax code in...

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