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Expert Advice: Cannabis Licensing in Various States, Being a Changemaker & What’s Next in the Industry

Expert Advice: Cannabis Licensing in Various States, Being a Changemaker & What’s Next in the Industry

David Alport, co-founder of Bridge City Collective, started his Cannabis career in 2009 as a medical Cannabis cultivator in Oregon, after receiving his BA in Business with a focus in Finance from the University of Puget Sound, a career at Nike, and stint as a trader at the Mercantile Exchange in New York.

Today, David is the co-founder of two cultivation sites and two of Portland, Oregon’s first licensed dispensaries. Now, more than a decade since he joined the industry, he and business partner, Jason Kabbes, are giving back by guiding aspiring Cannabis business owners through the various licensure application processes for cultivation, processing, and retail in states across the country.

David’s experiences at the frontlines of legalization and as an operator in various verticals have made him an expert whom we were glad to have on The Cannabis Accounting...

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5 Crucial Keys for Social Equity Cannabis License Applicants

As they say, knowledge is power. Social equity applicants for Cannabis licenses have a number of important things to stay on top of as they apply for licensing and work to raise capital. Among them are a great and grounded pitch deck, a well-thought-out capital and entity plan, a bullet proof financial model, appropriate entity and funding structure, and the right team, including a qualified CFO.

Whether you are a social equity applicant or want to help those who are seeking licensure in various states across the nation, five crucial keys are needed to maximize one’s chances of getting a legal Cannabis license. But before we delve in, take note of five common Cannabis license application pitfalls to avoid. Although such items may seem small, even the smallest of oversights can be the difference between winning that license and being sent to the back of the line. 

Key #1:  Avoid Common License Application Pitfalls

Wouldn’t you know it, anyone who applies for a...

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