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Managing & Safeguarding Cash Flow for Cannabis Businesses

Why Cash Flow Matters, Especially for Cannabis Businesses

Many Cannabis businesses such as dispensaries, manufacturers, and cultivators tend to have a lot of cash on hand, even six-figure amounts, due to there being a lack of available banking services and solutions. Obviously, safeguarding massive amounts of cash is essential to day-to-day operations but there are many other reasons why managing cash flow matters greatly. 

With improved cash flow comes greater peace of mind, greater profits, and better forecasting. That’s not all. A strongly safeguarded and managed cash flow shows investors and lenders that the business has specific internal controls in place to minimize the risk of losses due to theft or the misappropriation of funds.

So What is Cash Flow?

Cash is constantly moving into and out of a business, especially many Cannabis businesses, such as dispensaries. “Cash flow” is the term used to refer to the net balance of the cash that, at a specific...

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