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Cannabis Investor Guide 2023: Navigating Personal Tax & Liabilities

Whether launching a startup, collaborating with established industry players, or stepping into the shoes of an investor, knowledge is imperative when it comes to making sound investments; the Cannabis/CBD/Hemp industry is no exception. The potential profits in this booming market are undeniable yet the pitfalls of balancing accurate accounting, navigating intricate tax codes, and comprehending personal liabilities can quickly turn an investment dream into a financial nightmare. The mistakes...

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Cultivation Accounting and Tax for Cannabis Business Owners and Investors

If watching the pioneers in the Cannabis industry has taught us anything, it’s that getting businesses up and running and maintaining compliance has been a rocky road with plenty of tax and regulation pitfalls. It’s a lucrative industry slated for exponential growth. Experts predict the industry will breach $89 billion in the next two years – but those aren’t the only numbers that should concern new Cannabis business owners.

Along with growth in this industry comes...

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