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5 Workaround Tools to Manage Essential (But Frustrating) Seed to Sale Compliance

5 Key Workaround Tools for Navigating Seed to Sale Challenges

Cannabis accounting is a complex, ever-changing niche due to the plant’s federally illegal status (regulations and rules vary from state to state). One key (but extremely complicated) aspect of Cannabis accounting is seed to sale tracking and compliance. Cannabis business owners can easily flub these complex accounting and compliance processes without the help of a trained Cannabis accountant on board. Even worse, inaccurately inputting seed to sale data can lead to significant penalties or even loss of license.

Because the seed to sale processes are complex, difficult to understand, involve several sub niches, and are a veritable maze for Cannabis CEOs and accountants, it takes some skill and understanding to fulfill state and federal accounting and tax requirements. As an accountant, you are in a powerful position to add significant value to a client’s company by expertly navigating the seed to sale process....

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