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Cannabis 2023 Review and 2024 Outlook: Growth and Regulatory Shifts

Over the past decade since Colorado first legalized recreational Cannabis in 2012, the Cannabis industry has grown massively despite conflicting state and federal laws. The legal market hit $33 billion in 2023, while polls show 70% of Americans now support full federal legalization.

While various sectors of the US economy have been turbulent over the last couple of years, the industry still experienced some growth in 2022-2023. Industry analysts and advocates remain optimistic about the...

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The Tools Accounting and Tax Professionals Need to Properly Service Cannabis Businesses [Infographic]

If you're an accountant, cannabis business owner, or operations manager, the following guide should help you understand how DOPE CFO can provide you with proper accounting practices.   

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$78k in Accuracy Penalties for Cannabis Company for Poor Accounting and Record Keeping

IRS found that due to poor record-keeping, lack of check registers, no physical inventory counts, incorrect Cost of good sold allocations and much more caused $78k in penalties

The Tax Court in Alterman upheld the imposition of a 20% tax penalty on the taxpayer for the underpayment of the tax liability resulting from the deductions taken. Various medical and recreational marijuana practices have been legalized in the majority of the states but the last major hurdle, the Section 280E...

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