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Expert Advice: Cannabis Licensing in Various States, Being a Changemaker & What’s Next in the Industry

Expert Advice: Cannabis Licensing in Various States, Being a Changemaker & What’s Next in the Industry

David Alport, co-founder of Bridge City Collective, started his Cannabis career in 2009 as a medical Cannabis cultivator in Oregon, after receiving his BA in Business with a focus in Finance from the University of Puget Sound, a career at Nike, and stint as a trader at the Mercantile Exchange in New York.

Today, David is the co-founder of two cultivation sites and two of Portland, Oregon’s first licensed dispensaries. Now, more than a decade since he joined the industry, he and business partner, Jason Kabbes, are giving back by guiding aspiring Cannabis business owners through the various licensure application processes for cultivation, processing, and retail in states across the country.

David’s experiences at the frontlines of legalization and as an operator in various verticals have made him an expert whom we were glad to have on The Cannabis Accounting...

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5 Crucial Keys for Social Equity Cannabis License Applicants

As they say, knowledge is power. Social equity applicants for Cannabis licenses have a number of important things to stay on top of as they apply for licensing and work to raise capital. Among them are a great and grounded pitch deck, a well-thought-out capital and entity plan, a bullet proof financial model, appropriate entity and funding structure, and the right team, including a qualified CFO.

Whether you are a social equity applicant or want to help those who are seeking licensure in various states across the nation, five crucial keys are needed to maximize one’s chances of getting a legal Cannabis license. But before we delve in, take note of five common Cannabis license application pitfalls to avoid. Although such items may seem small, even the smallest of oversights can be the difference between winning that license and being sent to the back of the line. 

Key #1:  Avoid Common License Application Pitfalls

Wouldn’t you know it, anyone who applies for a...

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Managing & Safeguarding Cash Flow for Cannabis Businesses

Why Cash Flow Matters, Especially for Cannabis Businesses

Many Cannabis businesses such as dispensaries, manufacturers, and cultivators tend to have a lot of cash on hand, even six-figure amounts, due to there being a lack of available banking services and solutions. Obviously, safeguarding massive amounts of cash is essential to day-to-day operations but there are many other reasons why managing cash flow matters greatly. 

With improved cash flow comes greater peace of mind, greater profits, and better forecasting. That’s not all. A strongly safeguarded and managed cash flow shows investors and lenders that the business has specific internal controls in place to minimize the risk of losses due to theft or the misappropriation of funds.

So What is Cash Flow?

Cash is constantly moving into and out of a business, especially many Cannabis businesses, such as dispensaries. “Cash flow” is the term used to refer to the net balance of the cash that, at a specific...

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AICPA’s 2022 Conference Recognizes the Growing Need for Practiced Cannabis Accountants

AICPA Cannabis Conference 2022: Helping Stakeholders Navigate this Complex Industry

Last year was a landmark year for the Cannabis industry with the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants) acknowledging the potential for career growth in this rapidly expanding sector.

Now, just one year later, the Cannabis industry is nowhere near finishing its climb; instead it’s expanding as more and more states get on board with legalizing Cannabis. This year there is an entire Cannabis conference dedicated to bringing together industry leaders, including a more comprehensive list of Cannabis stakeholders from CPAs, CEOS, and finance professionals to attorneys, tax advisers, farm owners, staff, and more.

The need for specially trained Cannabis experts, particularly accountants, is clearer than ever before, and the AICPA has called on DOPE CFO to help lead the charge in instructing the next wave of Cannabis accountants. This year’s three day AICPA and CIMA Cannabis...

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Cultivation Accounting and Tax for Cannabis Business Owners and Investors

If watching the pioneers in the Cannabis industry has taught us anything, it’s that getting businesses up and running and maintaining compliance has been a rocky road with plenty of tax and regulation pitfalls. It’s a lucrative industry slated for exponential growth. Experts predict the industry will breach $89 billion in the next two years – but those aren’t the only numbers that should concern new Cannabis business owners.

Along with growth in this industry comes great risk. Those in the know have seen Cannabis businesses tied up in legal issues, tax troubles, loss of licensure, and even business failures as a result of faulty, noncompliant practices. 

It’s more apparent than ever that having cultivation accounting and tax professionals who specialize in the field is a necessity. And while it’s fine to delegate the nitty-gritty to the practiced accountants, Cannabis growers, owners, and investors should still have a working knowledge of the...

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The Value Cannabis Accountants Provide for the Pre-Revenue Process

Pre-Revenue Accounting for Cannabis

In order to apply for a Cannabis business license, state and local agencies often have similar (but different) requirements and hoops that hopeful operators must jump through in order to make it through the process. The licensing process is daunting and expensive for the simple fact that states' and local jurisdictions' requirements make it so that the prospective license holders may have to shell out thousands (or even millions) of dollars, and/or be on the hook for that much in expenditures, before a license is even granted. Our Cannabis real estate blog touches on the importance of acquiring real estate before opening up shop, but real estate is just one of many steps in this process.

In this blog, we’ll describe why Cannabis CEOs and business owners should invest in an accounting expert before going through the process and cover such topics as raising capital, handling investor concerns, and setting up pre-revenue accounting systems for...

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Your Guide to Cannabis Real Estate, 280E, and Entities

Real-Estate as it Pertains to Obtaining a Cannabis License

Did you know that finding a location and going through the permitting process is one of the first things that Cannabis licensing authorities are asking for from applicants? One of the greatest challenges that Cannabis business owners face is finding a place to operate. Just because Cannabis is legal doesn’t mean that local authorities will allow operators in their jurisdiction. Then there’s zoning and dealing with the community at large to approve an incoming Cannabis business.

Keep in mind, finding an approved location happens before there is any guarantee of a license, so there is a huge amount of liability and financial entanglement involved early on. And since the licensing process can be a huge game of hurry-up-and-wait, having a strategy and utilizing an accountant that understands how 280E effects real estate, how to prepare and maintain your financials for the licensing process, and how to properly...

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The Current State of Cannabis Accounting (and How You Can Get Involved)

Where is Cannabis Accounting in 2022? 

Ever since the green wave of Cannabis started sweeping the nation, the state of bookkeeping and accounting has been changed as we know it. With more and more states legalizing both recreational and medicinal marijuana, the need for experienced accounting professionals is higher than ever.

But Cannabis Accounting isn’t as simple as one may hope. You may be familiar with some of the rules and regulations put in place from 280e and 471, but do you know the extent of legal trouble you could be putting your clients through if they’re not compliant? 

From having to pay massive fines to losing their licenses, there is a lot at stake when it comes to accounting and bookkeeping in this industry. 

In this blog, we’ll talk more about the state of Cannabis in the United States today, where it’s going in the future, and how you can assert yourself and your firm as experts in the industry.

What does Cannabis in the U.S....

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How Poor Bookkeeping Cost Altermeds Over $78K in Penalties

Poor Bookkeeping Cost Colorado Dispensary over $78k in Penalties

When it comes to cannabis record-keeping, not every dispensary wants to spend the fees on an accountant specific to the niche. That’s what happened to one dispensary owner in Colorado, who owes $391K in tax deficiencies and an additional $78K in accuracy-related penalties.

But how exactly did this happen?

According to the notice of deficiency for tax years 2010 and 2011, the IRS found poor record-keeping, lack of check registers, no physical inventory counts, reduction of COGS, and the denial of ordinary and necessary business expenses were more than enough to penalize the dispensary.

In Altermeds, the Tax Court upheld the imposition of a 20% tax penalty on the taxpayer for the underpayment of the tax liability resulting from the deductions taken. Various medical and recreational marijuana practices have been legalized in the majority of the states; however, the last major hurdle, the Section 280E prohibition,...

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First AICPA Cannabis Conference Paves the Future for the Industry

AICPA Cannabis Conference 2021 - The Future of Cannabis Accounting and Tax

As states across our country continue to legalize Cannabis every year, CPAs, bookkeepers, and accounting professionals are steadily encountering new clients who want to serve the Cannabis industry. The AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants} has now recognized the need for providing guidance and support to accountants who may support the quickly growing Cannabis market. 

Calling on industry leaders, the AICPA held its first 2-day Cannabis education conference, the AICPA and CIMA Cannabis Conference, on November 8 and 9, 2021 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Among the Cannabis accounting and tax leaders that presented at this conference are DOPE CFO Founder Andrew Hunzicker, CPA, along with DOPE CFO students Paula Collins, Molly Mayfield, and Carlos Vela. 

Read on for highlights of the DOPE CFO member’s presentations.

Conference Overview

The AICPA and CIMA Cannabis Conference 2021...

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