DOPE CFO works alongside the top Accountants, CPAs, and Bookkeepers to build and grow their firms. 

Cannabis/CBD Accounting & Tax 4.0

For Accountants and Bookkeepers looking for a HUGE short-cut into the Cannabis & CBD/Hemp niches.

  • Training & Education, a complete course of "VIP" knowledge in under 90 days, including over 100 hours of video
  • Complete, Proven Marketing System for landing high paying Cannabis/CBD Clients
  • Plug & Play, "Firm in a Box" for World Class Client Service with over 100 Tools, Workpapers, System, Templates
  • Community of Experts: CPAs, EAs, CFOs, Attorneys, Bookkeepers, Expert Marketing Team so you and/or your clients can get answers when you need them, share work, live weekly calls, be part of a digital badge program, to ensure you can build a remote, national successful firm




Click BELOW to watch short video where Andrew goes over the amazing DOPE CFO VIP Community and all the benefits of the Badge Program!


See VIP Community and Badge Program Details Here

"I have purchased many different programs over the course of my career and the support I am getting from [DOPE CFO] is invaluable. Andrew even joined me on my 1st client call today to help me ask the appropriate questions. I am beyond impressed and grateful!"

Aidelis D

"I am 3/4 done with the program and feel like the investment was one of the BEST I have ever made. The materials, calls and group are phenomenal!"

Erin R

"I wanted to share a HUGE victory! A new client signed on today for a full Accounting and Finance solution. I am so thankful for this program. My mindset and confidence has improved tremendously since I joined!
Thank you, Andrew!"

Lola W.
Colorado’s Cannabis Accountants

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