About Our Experts

Naomi and Andrew have over 30 years of experience in accounting, working with high profile businesses while working independently, as staff for major corporations, and as part of big agencies. As seasoned professionals within the industry, their goal is to help accounting professionals achieve balance in their daily lives, build thriving businesses, and cultivate the next generation of experts in this thriving industry.

Andrew Hunzicker, CPA

Andrew Hunzicker, CPA is an Accounting Expert focused on helping  CEOs.

We’re not just like most accountants doing accounting and bookkeeping. We look at the business as a whole to make sure we’ve kicked every tire, and turned over every rock. If you’re not as financially successful as you want to be, we’ll help you get there.

From entity structure, tax planning, to accounting, budgeting, and profit analysis, we’ll help you extract the maximum amount of value of of your business.

When you work with me, you tap into my experience, not only as a CFO, but also as a founder, president, board member, investor, and entrepreneur. My goal is to help you build and improve your business with a financial strategy that gets results, leaving you more time to do what you do best- innovate and create new products and grow your business. 

Awards & Recognition

Gold Medal Award

Presented to Andrew Hunzicker for the highest score.

2017 CFO of the Year

Andrew was awarded runner up for Portland Business Journal's CFO of the Year in 2017, making him the first "green" CFO to ever be nominated.

Naomi Granger, CPA, MBA

Naomi Granger is an Accounting expert focused on helping Cannabis CEOs.

The road to a successful cannabis businesses is full of confusing laws and regulations, steep taxes, and many other unforeseeable roadblocks and hoops to jump through. Cannabis CEOs run into a slew of accounting problems unique to this brand new, partially illegal industry. Growers and dispensaries have an ever-growing list of compliance concerns, banking issues and federal tax limitations. 

Naomi helps cannabis CEOs navigate these challenges so they can maximize their cash flow, minimize their tax burden and never worry when the auditors come around (and they will come).



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