Cannabis/CBD Accounting & Tax Program Testimonials

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YES!! The first 3 Cannabis meetings I had all ended in signed monthly engagements. And what a feeling! It was the same week I joined. That’s what I liked about your program. I didn’t need to complete the course to start. I had an advantage knowing that the cannabis accounting wouldn’t be immediate, not for NY clients at least. I had some time to get familiar with the workpapers. And I can set my clients up properly from day 1. No back tracking.

- Rosanna S.

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How to Use Social Media to Book Cannabis Client Meetings and Land Signed Offers 

Cam, CPA

"I haven't gotten a single no yet. I'm 4 for 4."


Brenda B. (CPA)

"Your Superior Program Provided Me with the Education to Narrow My Focus and Serve the Niche!"

Carlos V.

"I got my first client using the DOPE CFO program and the guidance that Andrew provides on getting involved in the industry. I found a Latinos in Cannabis group, attended one of their networking events on Zoom, and ended up connecting a CEO!"

"As a CPA, this program is legit. I frequently use the workpapers for my Cannabis clients and would have spent a long time trying to build them from scratch. The community is outstanding and supportive. I am so grateful to have joined this group!"

Mark Waller, CPA

How I Became A DOPE Accountant and Scaled My Practice

"I would like to start by saying DOPE CFO is the best professional investment I have made to date! I have been a full-time practitioner in the cannabis industry for 2 years now and have pieced together my own "systems" along the way that have worked relatively well. It wasn't until I purchased the program 2 weeks ago that I realized how much time I was spending keeping my cannabis clients compliant relative to their books and tax returns. The spreadsheets are spot on and have simplified the process tremendously.. I simply can't say enough...completely top notch!"

Damon L. Mayer
IRS Enrolled Agent
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Thank you Andrew ...for this program and all your expertise. Your guidance is unmatched!
I am learning so much.

~ Brandi S.

I paid for DOPE CFO [over other programs] because it comes with a ton of ready-to-use work papers, chart of accounts, etc. as well as the training.

~ Russell B., EA, CTC

See What Accountants, Bookkeepers and Cannabis CEOs Are Saying About Dope CFO

Aidelis L.

AD Virtual Services

"I have purchased many different programs over the course of my career and the support I am getting from Andrew Hunzicker is invaluable. Andrew even joined me on my 1st client call today to help me ask the appropriate questions. I am beyond impressed and grateful!"

Paula C.

MBA, EA, Esquire

"I am a member of the DOPE CFO network and cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful the program is. Yes it is expensive, but it is worth every penny."

Meganne F.

Emerald Sky Financial

"I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Andrew and Naomi for continuing to provide additional opportunities for professional education!  This was an incredible program and I learned so much. My investment in the program is paying back tenfold and I am psyched to be a part of this community!"

Summer W.

Leaf Book CFO Services

"I am a 50% shareholder in a tax and accounting firm in Texas. I have been wanting to get into cannabis accounting for 2-3 years, but figured I couldn't because let's face it...this state is going to be the LAST to legalize on a wide-scale. I saw this program and all of a sudden, I knew I could get into this industry. I want to concentrate on the cannabis niche. It's a complex industry with many challenges and I find it fascinating! I was getting bored in my career and this was the lift I needed. I have never been so excited to work in an industry and such an exceptional group of professionals!"

Nick C.

Precision Alchemy

"Thank you for referring us to Crystal!  After working with her for just a few weeks, it became clear to me that all of our other bookkeepers (we had 4 in 2 years!) had done the bare minimum amount of work and never had our books up-to-date. Crystal identified some errors and I feel much better knowing someone QUALIFIED is looking out for us."

Jo-ell "Jo" F.

Accounting Professional 

"For me, the cost of this program was not a factor because it brought back my PASSION for accounting!  I have been doing accounting for over 25 years and honestly was getting burnt out on the same old thing. But cannabis is something new, exciting and unexplored! And for once, I have the chance to teach and lead those who really want to help clients do things right and not just collect money.  I am slowing gaining confidence and did a cold call the other day and felt great afterwards because of the training from Andrew. I could talk intelligently about costing, allowable deductions and more. I could not have done this without this program!"

Lola W.

Colorado’s Cannabis Accountants

"I wanted to share a HUGE victory! A new client signed on today for a full Accounting and Finance solution. I am so thankful for this program. My mindset and confidence has improved tremendously since I joined! Thank you, Andrew!"

Ken M.

Certified Public Accountant

"When I dove into the AFC material I couldn’t believe it. Andrew has put together a step-by-step proven method. Not to make his head swell, but the material is top notch. I started out contacting CEOs in the first week and was contacted by one. I followed Andrew’s method and had the “first conversation with CEO” document in front of me while I spoke to him. I was like, "Wow, this is nuts. How can I possibly do this?" I started asking the [AFC] group questions about everything and started researching items that others posted so that I could be involved....My first contact is not fully licensed but he plans on getting back to me once he is. Then I got a reply from another CEO. He contacted me, I didn’t seek him out. He is templating a friend's Canna company and creating his own. So I’m thinking: perfect. This will give me a few months to get him set up with no cleanup work. I remained confident on phone calls and sold my company to him. 

I’m only 1.5 months into the program. Now I’m running 2 companies. I’m not going to aggressively seek out other Canna clients at the moment because my head is already spinning. But you know what? My advice; TRUST THE AFC GROUP AND TRUST ANDREW’S METHOD. You can sub out pieces until you learn everything. Trust the program. Sell yourself as the owner of a company that belongs to a network of specialists. This will take some pressure off you. In my mind, you can only learn so much by reading. You have to dive in and do it. I haven’t done cost accounting in years, but Andrew’s sheets are very easy to follow and he lays it all out for us. I could never have done this on my own."


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