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The Value Cannabis Accountants Provide for the Pre-Revenue Process

Pre-Revenue Accounting for Cannabis

In order to apply for a Cannabis business license, state and local agencies often have similar (but different) requirements and hoops that hopeful operators must jump through in order to make it through the process. The licensing process is daunting and expensive for the simple fact that states' and local jurisdictions' requirements make it so that the prospective license holders may have to shell out thousands (or even millions) of dollars, and/or be on the hook for that much in expenditures, before a license is even granted. Our Cannabis real estate blog touches on the importance of acquiring real estate before opening up shop, but real estate is just one of many steps in this process.

In this blog, we’ll describe why Cannabis CEOs and business owners should invest in an accounting expert before going through the process and cover such topics as raising capital, handling investor concerns, and setting up pre-revenue accounting systems for...

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