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Know a Good Accountant? Cannabis Companies Are Looking | Green Entrepreneur

As the cannabis space matures, it's becoming increasingly populated with service providers from a diverse range of ancillary industries. Among them, accountants and bookkeepers have become some of the most sought-after specialists in the field. Running a cannabis business are entirely distinct from any other sector, and most cannabis CEOs lack the skill set to circumvent the countless risks involved. For this reason, a majority of cannabis companies require guidance from experienced and knowledgeable professionals to implement standard operating procedures and bring their books up to par.

For the most part, larger accounting firms are avoiding the space altogether -- ultimately leading to a growing demand for those willing to become involved with cannabis businesses. With a striking gap in the space for qualified professionals equipped to support business owners in maneuvering the risky regulatory landscape, accountants and bookkeepers are finding major opportunities to open up shop and specialize in this promising new industry

Building a solid foundation of cannabis accounting skills is a strategic career move -- one that does not even require CPA status.

Whether you’re looking to grow your current accounting practice, or simply have the strong desire to fill a major gap in the industry, consider specializing in cannabis accounting.

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